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by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: 2823-REF

The High-Precision Dielectric-Loss Analyzing System 2823-REF is designed for measurement of very low dielectric losses and impedances (Dissipation Factor and Power Factor) of high-voltage apparatus (e.g. extruded insulation on power cables). The instrument works on the principle of a combined bridge-vector-meter and it is capable of analyzing capacitive and inductive loads - especially shunt reactors - with outstanding accuracy and stability certified by a leading metrology institute.The use of optically decoupled connection allows complete galvanic isolation between control room and test field, and guarantees the highest safety level to the personnel.

Proven performance in high volume manufacturing environment increase production efficiency;Improved safety as the control operator is isolated from the high voltage laboratory;Almost any test object can be tested without external hardware or reconnections;Increased linearity and extended frequency measuring range up to 1kHz;Backwards compatible with older instruments as the same connectors have been used for over 40 years, plug and play;Out of the box solution with the accumulated know how from hundreds of instruments installed in all kind of environments;Connect and forget, no battery pack or recharge needed