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2914 Solid Test Cell

by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: 2914 Solid Test Cell

Solid Insulation Test Cell

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The 2914 test cell measures dissipation factor, relative permittivity, and specific resistivity of solid insulating materials such as paper and plastic foils.The test cell is equipped with a shielded measuring electrode which eliminates partial capacitances that influence test results.

  • Consists of a heatable, shielded plate capacitor (guard electrode capacitor)
  • Safety switch only allows measurements to be carried out if bell jay is in place
  • Temperature is adjustable up to 250C
  • Test cell is protected by a bell jar
  • Voltage: 2kV, 50/60Hz

  • Test cell is in accordance with international standards and specifications
  • Test cell is heatable
  • Test cell can be evacuated
  • Short heat up time