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6835 Portable Oil Test Cell

by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: 6835 Portable Oil Test Cell

Portable Liquid Insulation Test Cel

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The 6835 test cell allows tests on the dielectric properties of liquid insulants, such as dissipation factor (tan delta) or power factor. It is particularly suitable for on-site maintenance measurements on the insulating oil of electrical apparatus, such as transformers and circuit breakers.

  • Empty capacitance: approx. 109pF
  • Simply, sturdy design
  • Voltage: 10kV, 50/60Hz
  • Volume: approx. 1 liter

  • Suitable for testing insulating samples with our MIDAS power factor testers
  • Plastic transport case provides an insulated support for the cell during measurement
  • Size ensures accessibility of electrode surfaces for cleaning