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FRA 5311

by Haefely Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: FRA 5311

The FRA 5311 Sweep Frequency Response Analyser detects transformer winding movements and mechanical failures due to mechanical shock, transportation or short circuits as defined in the IEC 60078-18.

  • Measures according the IEC 60076-18 or ANSI IEEE C57.149
  • High signal-to-noise ratio due to output voltage up to 11 Vpp at 50 Ω
  • IEC60076-18 Appendix E XML file format compatible, to import, export and share test results with other devices
  • Rugged, light weight and smallest in the industry.
  • One single USB connection for data and power to the computer.
  • Measures Magnitude [dB], Phase [°], Impedance [Ω], Admittance [S] and Ratio.
  • Windows based, easy to use graphical interface, including analysis mode for curves comparison and automatic reporting capabilities.
  • Predefined test sequences for most common transformers
  • Easy to setup.
  • Avoid wrong measurements
  • Upload texts from other devices
  • Find faults easily
  • Analyse results at the office even if no measuring device is connected.
  • Export data to your own complete transformer test report

Product Details


  • Power transformers
  • Distribution Transformers