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Standard Configurations

Our control stations can be customised to cater to our customers' every need, but we also offer standard configurations of some of our most popular control station designs. Available in five alternative enclosure sizes and in either Stainless Steel or Glass Reinforced Polymide (GRP) bodies, our control stations facilitate up to six actuators. 

Discover some of our standard configured control stations below, and download our free catalogue for more details.

Control Stations Dimensions
Download the below sheet for details about our size 1 and size 2 GRP and Stainless Steel enclosure dimensions.
A Selection of our Standard Configured Control Stations
Momentary Push Button
Momentary Mushroom Button
Single Indicator Light
Rocker / Light Switch
Double Momentary Push Button
Two or Three Position Selector Switch
Two Position Keyed Selector Switch Spring Return, Momentary Right, Maintained Left
Three Position Keyed Selector Switch
Momentary Single Push Button
Two momentary Push Button
Double Momentary Push Button and Indicator Light
Two or Three Position Selector Switch
Maintained Two Position Keyed Selector Switch
Red Indicator Light and Two Momentary Push Buttons
Red Indicator Light, Maintained Mushroom Push Button, Double Momentary Push Buttons
Ammeters / Voltmeters
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