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Multiple Breather Units

by Hawke 

The design of the Hawke Desiccant Breather in its single unit form (i.e. HB2) has been limited to weights and dimensions which enable easy handling during initial installation and subsequent charge replacement. However, parallel arrangements are available for those situations where the oil volume of the transformer requires larger volumes of Desiccant gel. Where Breather charges are operated in parallel, it is essential that only one oil valve is used, this maintains a balanced air flow through each branch of the multiple arrangement.

  • The pipework for the connection of two and three breathers in parallel are standard fittings.
  • All interconnecting pipework is polythene coated to provide protection whereinstallations are located outdoors.
  • Multiple Breather Units Types available are HB55, HB66, HB77 & HB777.

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