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Our Compression Glands

For Hazardous and Industrial Locations


A compression gland utilises a polymer sealing element to seal on the inner sheath, outer sheath, or both inner and outer sheath’s to protect against water and dust ingress, secure the cable to equipment and in some cases, provide explosion protection in the event of an ignition. Our range of compression glands represent Hawke's market leading solutions for the world's most dangerous environments. They are easy to install, and still comply with all necessary health and safety requirements.



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Exd and Exe certified compression glands

Our Compression glands are all dual certified Exe (increased safety) and Exd approved, being completely flameproof and explosion proof. Our compression glands are engineered for maximum safety where pressure differentials or hazardous environments cause concern. As our cable glands come with a tightening guide, installers will be able to tighten the gland so that it does not damage the cable, prevents cold flow and maintains Ingress Protection.



Compression Glands Special Features





1 Unique Rear Sealing System

This arrangement offers IP66, IP67, IP68 (30 metres for 7 days), NEMA 4X and Deluge (DTS01) Ingress Protection. The seal is manufactured from a silicone material, has LSFZH properties, is ozone and oil resistant and is suitable for use at both high and low temperatures. The Rear Sealing System covers the entire range of cable diameters without the need for special seals and the cable acceptance range is stamped on the backnut for ease of inspection. The backnut can be hand tightened, with only one further spanner turn required to ensure IP66, IP67, IP68 and NEMA 4X.


2 Cable Tightening Guide

To help address issues with the overtightening of cable glands and the resultant damage to cables and seals, Hawke International has developed the patented INBUILT TIGHTENING GUIDE. Without the need for fiddly measuring systems, the guide provides a permanent visual indication of the gland tightness through installation, inspection and maintenance. The gland is permanently marked with various lines/numbers indicating the correct tightening level related to the cable diameter. The backnut, once tightened to the line corresponding to the cable diameter, ensures there is no cable damage whilst still maintaining IP and pull-out.


3 100% Pull Out Clamp

All Hawke Cable glands can be fitted with the optional 100% pull-out clamp. This cost effective solution removes the need to separately clamp/cleat cables, instead taking care of this requirement as part of the gland assembly. Unlike other manufacturers, who utilise the rear ingress protection seal to offer pull-out resistance, the Hawke pull-out clamp keeps these 2 functions separate, ensuring neither is compromised and both components act independently.


4 The Original Reversible Armour Clamp

The original RAC clamping system was invented by Hawke over 10 years ago and is a well established proven performer in all conditions. Simply by reversing the clamping ring, the cable gland can adjust to accommodate all types of cable armour or braid. Unlike many of our competitors, the correct stamping orientation is marked clearly with the armour size and backed up by the presence of a groove in the component. Hawke’s RAC clamping system is also fully Inspectable when positioned on the cable.