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Our Conduit Cable Glands

For Hazardous Areas


Hawke International are proud to release the new range of Conduit Cable Glands. These offer the opportunity to terminate fixed and flexible conduit in hazardous areas. Our glands provide a female running coupler for gland or conduit entry, maintaining Exe and Exd protection along with protecting against ingress of water and dust.



Two Sealing Options

Our QSP 2-part Hand Mix Putty is easy to use, with a cure time from only 30 minutes. This is particularly useful where termination space is limited or cables are running horizontally to the installation area. Can be inspected and repaired if necessary, ensuring the highest level of security.

The PSG474 (punched seal gland) provides market leading installation and inspection time. This instant barrier seal ensures no resin, no mixing and no cure time. Simply pass the individual cores through the pre-punched seal, fill any unused holes with the provided sealing pins and tighten. Fully inspectable and no waiting time – irrespective of temperature, location or installation position.



Chalmit Hawke Offshore Wind Catalogue Cover

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An Exd and Exe cable gland solution

Our range of conduit cable glands can be used for cables in flameproof enclosures (Exd) as well as "increased safety enclosures" Exe. as well as protecting your electrical equipment against dust, fluids and chemicals, all our glands are ATEX and IECEx certified, and when possible also fulfil requirements for international certifications.



Conduit Glands Special Features





1 Unique Rear Sealing System

This arrangement offers IP66, IP67, and IP68, NEMA 4X and Deluge (DTS01) Ingress Protection. The seal is manufactured from a silicone material, has LSFZH properties, is o-zone and oil resistant and suitable for use at both high and low temperatures.


2 Unique Inspectable Compound Chamber

The pre-lubricated compound chamber can be removed once the compound has fully cured, allowing full inspection of the flameproof seal. This unique patented compound chamber now forms the compound as well as providing a flameproof seal.


3 Zero Cable Damage

The unique Hawke diaphragm sealing system does not damage cable which exhibit 'Cold Flow' characteristics. The diaphragm type seal is the only elastomeric seal to comply fully with IEC/EN 60079-14 and is therefore suitable on effectively filled 'cold flow' cables, which would otherwise require barrier style cable glands.


4 The Original Reversible Armour Clamp

Simply by reversing the clamping rung, the cable gland can adjust to accommodate all types of armour or braid. Unlike many of our competitors, the correct stamping orientation is marked clearly with the armour size and backed up by the presence of a groove in the component.


5 Inspectable Deluge Seal

Hawke's Inspectable deluge seal offers IP66 and IP67 sealing and is certified as 'deluge proof' by ITS in accordance with DTS01. Hawke's deluge seal is so good that it exceeds the expectations of the offshore industry by not only preventing ingress into the equipment, by also into the cable gland, preventing corrosion of the cable armour.