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How did the idea for the 'EA' Box come about?

We’re always asking ourselves how we can improve our products to make them better for our customer. In this case, we really had productivity in mind. We wanted to make an Enclosure that was the fastest and easiest to install so that our customers could complete their projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What makes the EA Range special?

The EA’s radical sloped face design allows for unparalleled installation and inspection speeds. With up to 55% greater aperture than any competitor equivalent, the EA provides more hand access any competitor Enclosure of a similar footprint. The more hand access, the easier and faster the installation process can be!

Does the 'EA' have any other special features?

It has several key features, all of which can be found here but there are 2 key ones for me. The first is that the EA can be easily switched out or retrofitted for any of your current Enclosures because all 9 EA sizes follow industry sizes. The second is its increased corrosion resistance. Its sloped face not only allows for easier installation but causes corrosion causing contaminants to naturally spill off. This increases the lifespan of the Enclosure, making it a more cost-effective solution for our customers.

What hazardous area certifications coverage does the Enclosure Range have?

The EA range is globally certified for use in Exe (Increased Safety) or Exia/ Exib (Intrinsically Safe) applications to IECEx, ATEX, INMETRO and EAC TC RU.

Our EA range installed on the Buncefield Aviation Fuel Storage Depot

Tell me more about the EA's QR code feature.

To make installation even easier, we’ve included a QR code on all boxes in our EA range. Modifiers or installers can scan this code to receive access to a range of helpful resources about EA installation. The QR label is fixed to two studs which allow it to be easily replaced with a tag label without having to drill the enclosure door. Label adaptor plates are also available should more than one label need to fit the enclosure door.

How can I customize the EA?

Various enclosure fixings are available as spare parts. To find out more about the EA Range, get in touch with Product Manager Steve Parkin via Email or LinkedIn.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our product specialist Steve Parkin by emailing sparkin@ehawke.com


Discover the range on our website


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Steve Parkin

Enclosures & Controls Product Manager

Steve has been with Hubbell for 12 years in total and knows everything there is to know about Enclosures and Control Stations. In his student years, Steve found work as a Bingo Caller and is still known as ‘Bingo’ all these years later.

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