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The growing demand for RFID tagging

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are an electronic information store capable of housing data ranging from a simple identification number to several kilobytes of data. They are often employed to electronically identify equipment on offshore platforms, petrochemical plants and refineries. Maintenance history and manufacturing details are recorded on RFID tags eliminating long paper trails and ensuring it is easily accessible either from a web-based interface or an RFID reader. This improved availability of information significantly reduces costly down-time making maintenance processes much cheaper.

RFID Tagging in Hazardous Areas

As tags are specifically designed to withstand harsh locations with data retrieval being possible through thick mud, paint and subsurface matter, their installation in such arduous environments is not surprising, but engineers are yet to devise a suitable method of installation. Previously engineers have installed tags using Steel Jubilee Clips, Steel Cable Ties or even just steel wire to secure tags to cables and equipment; however there is no clearly defined location, making RFID tags difficult to locate in hazardous areas. This method can also damage cabling posing a potential ignition risk.

Hawke’s RFID Attachable Stopping Plug

Hawke’s Engineers and Product Managers have evolved the 487 stopping plug into an accessory that allows for the secure attachment of an RFID/identification tag using a single screw. This method of installation is the only Exd/Exe certified option on the market and is much easier to install in hazardous locations not to mention the improvement in aesthetics. The innovative design features the same key features of the 487 domed stopping plug but with an additional thread through the centre to attach a device to the equipment.

When new technologies are adopted, Hawke can be trusted to implement them safely, optimising performance. This is evident not only with RFID but with Fibre technology too. Learn more about how we have revolutionised the installation of Fibre technology in hazardous environments here:




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