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A Connector is a device that allows for temporary and safe disconnection of a circuit or a permanent electrical joint between two cables or a piece of equipment. Ex certified connectors are designed to ensure that a specific protection concept is maintained. Hawke Connectors provide an alternative to hard-wiring methods where quick plug and play connection and disconnection or mobility is required.

4th April 2018

Guest Blog Alert! Modular Means Economic

Guest Editor: Steffen Hammon


15th February 2018

Fibre Technology – Ask the Expert

Matt Ogden


14th February 2018

Fibre Technology for ex Environments

Olivia Serrage



5th July 2017

Safety when you need it most

Matt Ogden




Matt Ogden

Connections Product Manager

Matt is a long standing member of the Hubbell team with an impressive tenure of 10 years. In his role as Connections Product Manager, Matt knows everything there is to know about Hawke’s connection solutions. As a father of two young children, he spends most of his time with his family and friends.

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