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DC Transformers

by Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: DC Power Pack

HIPOTRONICS DC Power Packs are complete high voltage sections designed for OEM use or any application requiring high voltage at low current levels. Controls, metering and circuit protection such as circuit breakers or fuses are not included. A built-in meter multiplier resistor is supplied in the units rated 30kV and higher where an external voltage divider might cause problems. All power packs are hermetically sealed in oil or epoxy filled meta cans and all feature solid-state rectifiers.These units are designed to supply full rated current at high voltage continuously. They are suitable for use in X-ray systems, laser systems, low power precipitators and as general-purpose high voltage DC sources. All units have surge limiting resistors in the output. However, for applications requiring frequent “slap-on”, small series impedance should be used in the input. Consult our sales department for these and other special applications.

  • Compact Size
  • Metal Can Construction
  • Surge Limited Resistors in output
  • Continuous Duty Rated at maximum rating
  • 115 or 220 V 50/60Hz selectable input
  • Bleed Resistors Built into output
  • Epoxy or Oil Insulated in a hermetically sealed unit
  • Reversible Polarity
  • Compact – saves valuable space in product package
  • Rugged Design – suited for use in harsh environments
  • Built in Bleeder Resistors – doesn’t hold charge when power is turned off
  • Hermetically Sealed – Moisture can’t enter high voltage tank

Product Details


  • X-ray Systems
  • Laser Systems
  • Precipitators
  • Medical Equipment
  • General Purpose HV Source