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Anchor, Disk Rod, 3/4in X 7ft Twineye

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: C2000054AW

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  C2000054AW
Corrosion-Resistant Disk Anchor Protected Rod 0.75" (19.1 mm) Diameter Rod, 7' (2134 mm) long with Twineye. Cap Nut and fiber washer is attached.
  • Thimbleye®, Twineye® and Tripleye® drop forged eye distribute pulling stresses uniformly over individual strands of guy wire and keep the guy wire from spreading,kinking, or bending.
  • Hot dipped galvanized per ASTM A153, Black asphalt paint applied over galvanizing, plastic tube assembled on rod
  • Includes Fiber Washer and Cap nut
  • Rods used with round Disk Anchors