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DSC1 Duct Sealing Compound Accessories


Catalog ID: DSC1

Catalog ID:  DSC1
Duct Sealing Compound
  • DSC Asbestos Free Sealer is a gray, permanently soft, nontoxic compound which will adhere to most clean, dry surfaces. DSC Sealer will not adversely affect other plastic materials or corrode metals. It also has no adverse effect on human skin
  • Supplied in a convenient block shape over wrapped with release paper and bagged in a clear reentrytype PVC bag with application data
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Dielectric strength approximately 100V/mil. using ASTM D149-64
  • Nontoxic and nonirritating
  • Easily shaped by hand to suit the application
  • 100% nonvolatile solids including non-drying, synthetic polymers with inert mineral fibers
  • Recommended working range when applying is 20 degrees F. Tolerance range is 40 degrees to 194 degrees F. Will not sag at 280 degrees F when under such exposure for brief periods
  • Permanently pliable and non-cracking. May be painted immediately
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