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Compression Pin Adapter

By Burndy 

Catalog ID: YEV28P37X75FX

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  YEV28P37X75FX

Features: Type YE-P-FX Copper Compression Adapters Are Designed For Reliable Termination Of Copper Conductor When The Current Capacity Of The Conductor Is Downsized, But Larger Conductor Is Utilized, Typical Applications Are For Voltage Drop Protection When Oversized Conductors Are Used Or Flex Conductor Is Used, These Adapters Facilitate The Termination Into Existing Mechanical Set Screw Connectors For Various Stranded Copper Cables, Plug/pin Length: 0.75 IN, Tools, Die Set Catalog Number, And (number Of Crimps): Mechanical: MY29-11 Tool, (2), MD7-34R Tool, W28VT Die, (4), MD6, MD7 Tool, W28RT Die, (4), Hydraulic: Y35, Y39, Y750, Y45 Tool, U28RT Die, (2), Y46 Tool, U28RT Die With PUADP-1 Adapter, (2), Y644M Tool, 1 - 4/0 AWG, (1), Wire Strip Length: 2-1/16 IN, Plug/pin Diameter: 0.37 IN - 2/0 AWG, Die Index: 15 Element A