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By Wiegmann 

Catalog ID: N412603812CSTD

By Wiegmann
Catalog ID:  N412603812CSTD
N412 Single Door Slope-Top Disconnect Ultimate Series 60X38X12 Carbon Steel-Gray
  • Bodies and doors are fabricated from carbon steel
  • Seams are continuously welded and ground smooth
  • Doors are sealed with a poured in place gasket
  • Mounting holes are located in the back of the enclosure
  • Latching system interlocks with the disconnect handle for added safety

Bodies and doors fabricated from 14 gauge steel. Continuously plasma welded seams. Increased tub opening for better access. 20 degree sloped top. Sloped "Top tub flange". Concealed hinges. Easy to remove doors are interchangeable. Grounding provisions included. 1/4-turn semi-flush oil tight latches are supplied to hold door securely closed. Print pocket is provided. Doors are sealed with poured-in-place polyurethane gasket. Mounting holes in rear of enclosure. Studs for mounting optional back panel (the Ultimate back panels have increased in size to accommodate larger foot-print installations). Ultimate Accessory Driven. Door handle and latching hardware are provided. Door latching system installed on door with slotted insert defeater mechanism to open. Latching system interlocks with the disconnect handle for added safety. 3pt latch system.