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By Hawke 
By Hawke
The Exe Easy Access range is designed to increase productivity. With its radical sloped face design and cut away sides, the globally certified EA range reduces cost through unparalleled installation and inspection speeds.
  • Enclosure Box size: 476 mm X 646 mm
  • The EA’s innovative sloped lid design allows corrosion causing contaminants to naturally spill off
  • All 9 EA sizes follow industry sizes, so you can easily switch out or retrofit your current Enclosure for our EA range
  • Cut away sides provide up to 55% extra space versus competitor enclosures, enabling increased hand access for faster installation
  • Amazing sealing performance is provided by a single piece gasket contained by the enclosure lid

The EA is suitable for a variety of applications including Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and more. Click the ‘request a quote’ button to speak to one of our Specialists about how the EA-Series EA624522 could work for you.

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