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6000A 3-phase 600V Secondary Termination Enclosure

By Trinetics 

Catalog ID: TWMMD-60C14-FTB-N

By Trinetics
Catalog ID:  TWMMD-60C14-FTB-N
Trinetics multi-connection secondary termination enclosures provide safe, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing connection points for multiple services suitable for up to 600V. These enclosures are suitable for low voltage splicing or cable termination from the secondary side of a utility’s transformer for multiple service feeds. Dual-access enclosure with 2-point locking system and tamperproof louvers, plus copper bus bar punched for NEMA 2-hole spade connectors for continuous current rating through 6000A.
  • Continuous current up to 6000A.
  • Doors front and back for easy access.
  • Combination of welded and bolted construction.
  • Copper bus bars of high conductivity and punched for NEMA 2-hole spades connectors for up to 20 services (40 services if front and back of bus are used).
  • Domed roof for water run-off and rigidity.
  • Two-point locking system with padlock hasp and penta-bolt.
  • Captive roof holder for ease of operability.
  • Tamperproof louvers designed for maximum ventilation.
  • One NEMA 2-hole copper ground pad included in standard offering.
  • Non-ferrous hardware.
  • Standard construction is 14-gauge steel.

Current rating for aluminum lay-in connectors is based on center feed.Current rating for copper bus is based on end-to-end feed.Two times the number of cables may be connected if front and back of bus are used.Please consult the factory or your local sales representative for any requirements not listed here.