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Smart Dockside Power Pedestal

By Hubbell Marine Products 

Catalog ID: MARPED400

By Hubbell Marine Products
Catalog ID:  MARPED400
30/50/100/400 Amp Receptacles, Power and Water Metering with Remote reporting, Integrated Mesh Wi-Fi, Advertising Display, , Stainless Base Material, Aluminum Head Material, User-repairable Finish, Removable Head Assembly, LED Lighting, Lighted Marina Branding, Retractable Cord/Hose Management
  • Configurable for 30A 120VAC, 50A 120/240VAC, 100A 120/240VAC, or 400A 120/240VAC U.S. standard marine-grade outlets
  • Power and Water Metering
  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Removable Head Assembly
  • Customizable advertising and communication display