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Solenoid Valve AC10-Z3-6-PD94 - Austdac

By Austdac Pty Ltd 

Catalog ID: AC10-Z3-6-PD94

By Austdac Pty Ltd
Catalog ID:  AC10-Z3-6-PD94
The solenoid magnetic coil type AC10-Z3-6-PD94 is an intrinsically safe actuating coil assembly that may be fitted (pushed-over) to a variety of pneumatic valve bodies. These valves may then be used to control engines, vehicles and plant located in group I hazardous areas.The solenoid coil has a wide operating voltage range from 9.0 volts to 23.1 volts and consumes only 29mA to allow use with barriers that have a linear (resistive) current limiting characteristic.The wide operating ambient temperature range of -35ºC to +75ºC further increases the solenoids ability to be used in controlling the pneumatic subsystems of hazardous area located plant.The electrical connections to the solenoid are via a DIN 175301 connector VALVE01A.The solenoid magnetic coil is typically sold by Austdac with a type 6014 direct acting 3/2 way brass valve body suitable for most underground coal mining applications.This valve and solenoid coil combination can provide a 30L/min flow rate through a 0.9mm orifice at pressures ranging from a vacuum to 10 bar.For greater flow rates the AC10-Z3-6-PD94 and 6014 combination can be used in conjunction with a quick exhaust valve type VALVE03.The solenoid valve finds applications in underground vehicles to provide emergency engine shutdown or in general pneumatic control of these vehicles or in fixed situations such as longwalls and gas monitoring systems.
  • IECEx certified
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Low current consumption
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • 3/2-way function
  • High flow rate
  • IP65
  • Engine emergency shutdown
  • IEC61508 SIL2