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Industrial Control Transformer 2KVA 208,230,460 -115 F3

By Acme Electric 

Catalog ID: CE2000N005CF3

By Acme Electric
Catalog ID:  CE2000N005CF3
TFMR 1PH 2KVA 208,230,460 -115 F3
  • Encapsulated design protects core & coil assembly from potentially damaging contaminants
  • Constructed with high quality silicon steel lamination to minimize core losses and increase efficiency
  • Integrally molded terminal blocks with isolation barriers to prevent arc over
  • Fuse blocks kits available and easily adaptable
  • Series-parallel connecting links save wiring and labor costs

Product Details


Application Acme’s TB Series Industrial Control Transformers are especially designed to accommodate the momentary current inrush caused when electromagnetic components are energized... without sacrificing secondary voltage stability beyond practical limits.The transformer’s windings an