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5250 Primary Cable Fault Locating System

by Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: 5250

The 5250 primary cable fault locating system meets the demanding needs of electric utilities, electrical contractors, or any company testing medium to high voltage cables that require a highly portable, easy-to-use thumper system for quickly restoring electric service.The 5250 utilizes an innovative, time domain reflectometer (TDR) along with the highest energy, battery-operated thumper on the market. The 5250 will reduce cable fault locating time by up to 80%. The 5250 can test faulted, loop feed underground residential distribution (URD) cable systems without having to disconnect transformers in an effort to sectionalize the cable fault between two transformers.The battery powered 5250 combines a capacitive discharge, high voltage filter, digital TDR, and battery charger into one complete package. The operator can control all test functions through the digital TDR or by using the analog, high voltage controls on the 5250 front panel. The 5250 is connected to the cable under test using quick clamps and MC adaptors. Once the 5250 primary cable fault locator is connected to the cable under test, a trained operator can find faults in a matter of minutes.

  • Complete, Cable Fault Locator System in a Single Package
  • Portability
  • Output Energy up to 2000 Joules at Either Voltage Range.
  • User-Friendly Step by Step Operation
  • 100 MHz TDR Sampling Rate
  • Saves up to 16 Three Phase Cable Traces and 16 User Defined Test Profiles
  • Windows_ -based TDR with RS232 Port to Download Traces to Computer
  • Dual Mode Operation Automatic through the TDR and Manual from 5250
  • Powered from AC source or integral 12V Battery
  • Waterproof, Interlocked Cabinet
  • Single-Piece Solution
  • Simplifies Fault Locating - guided operations make locating faults less time consuming
  • Restore Service Faster - minimizes fault locating time with the high resolution TDR (2.5 feet)
  • Year-round Operation - wholly self-contained and waterproof design, minimizes setup hassles
  • Simple Fault Pinpointing - operators can simply pinpoint faults due to the high energy output of the power supply

Product Details


  • Additional Clamps and MC Adaptors: Used for safe and efficient cable connections.
  • HH210408: Hammering Ground Rod
  • H-FLASH: Flash Phone ,Digital Acoustic/Ballistic Listening Device
  • EXT-WARN-1:One year extended warranty
  • Testing Medium Voltage Cables
  • Electric Utilities
  • High Voltage Test Companies
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining Facilities
  • Facility Maintenance