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TDR 1170

by Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: TDR 1170

HIPOTRONICS -Model TDR 1170 is the most advanced  rack mountable cable fault locating tool on the market.  When included within one of our high voltage coupling and capacitive discharges devices, the TDR 1170 accurately pre-locates cable faults in underground transmission and distribution cable systems.The TDR 1170 advanced mode of operation provides the operator with complete control and setup access of the TDR functions and settings. In addition, basic mode of operation allows for minimal user interaction for pre-locating most cable faults.

  • Automatic Identification of Key Cable Parameters (cable length and distance to fault)
  • Quick Location of Faults
  • 32 Accessible Memory Locations for Internal Trace Storage
  • Large 10.4” VGA Color Display
  • Automatic Setup of sampling rate, gain and pulse width
  • Step-by-Step Instructions of System Operation Guides User Through Test
  • Large, Easy-to-Use Buttons
  • Multi-Purpose Device: has ability to pre-locate, locate, and diagnose cable conditions
  • Easy to Use: TDR, Time Domain Reflectometer procedure, in 5 easy steps you have located the fault
  • Compatibility: TDR 1170 can be used with most other High Voltage Couplers
  • PC Software and Serial Port: included with standard unit provides long-term storage, evaluation of test results, defining of test protocols and simple software upgrading
  • Reduce Outage Time: quickly locate cable faults to reduce outage time and restore service quickly
  • Reduce Cable Damage: using a TDR minimizes thumping and unnecessary damage to the cable

Product Details


  • Testing Shielded Cables
  • Electric Utilities
  • High Voltage Test Companies
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • Mining Companies
  • Facility Maintenance