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By Hubbell Outdoor Lighting 

Catalog ID: SSSH20-40A-4-HV-DB-RDC

By Hubbell Outdoor Lighting
Catalog ID:  SSSH20-40A-4-HV-DB-RDC
Complete 20' pole assembly (includes 20' x 4" x .125” thick pole shaft, anchor bolt set, anchor bolt template, square base cover, pole cap), Dark bronze powder paint finish.
  • SHAFT: One-piece straight steel with square cross section, flat sides and minimum 0.238” radius on all corners
  • Minimum yield of 46,000 psi (ASTM-A500, Grade B)
  • Longitudinal weld seam to appear flush with shaft side wall
  • Steel base plate with axial bolt circle slots welded flush to pole shaft having minimum yield of 36,000 psi (ASTM A36)
  • BASE COVER: Two-piece square aluminum base cover included standard
  • POLE CAP: Pole shaft supplied with removable cover when applicable
  • Tenon and post-top configurations also available
  • HAND HOLE: Rectangular 3x5 steel hand hole frame (2.38” x 4.38” opening)
  • Mounting provisions for grounding lug located behind gasketed cover
  • ANCHOR BOLTS: Four galvanized anchor bolts provided per pole with minimum yield of 55,000 psi (ASTM F1554). Galvanized hardware with two washers and two nuts per bolt for leveling

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