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LiteGear® Series

By Dual-Lite 
By Dual-Lite
Featuring a 125 - 600 VA rating, this compact, economical interruptible power supply provides emergency AC power for lighting fixtures equipped with incandescent, fluorescent or LED lamps.
  • True SineWave output on all models
  • Interruptible emergency AC power system
  • Automatically transfers in 2 seconds or less
  • 90 minute emergency operation
  • Single-phase
  • Input/Output VAC: 120/120 or 277/277
  • 60 Hz operation
  • 125 - 600 VA maximum capacity
  • For normally-on, normally-off, switched and dimmed loads
  • Spectron® self diagnostics and self testing available
  • Adjustable Output versions distribute dimmed output across larger loads, or bypasses 2 or 4 dimmers w/ 2 (LG125/250) or 4 (LG375/600) output circuits, Output circuit breakers available on LG375/600 models
  • Off line design for high efficiency and up to 98%
  • Load can be up to 1,000 feet away
  • Illuminates incandescent, linear and compact fluorescent, and LED lamps
  • Not for use with HID lamps
  • LED status indicators
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Maintenance-free lead-calcium batteries
  • Push button test switch
  • Available in surface wall mounting, or for LG125, surface, recessed ceiling and recessed wall mounting enclosures