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By Killark 

Catalog ID: EBSEL1030B2G

By Killark
Catalog ID:  EBSEL1030B2G
EBS 10W/30V DC EL 3/4" Wall with Guard
  • LED Heads provide clear crisp illumination at 5000° Kelvin
  • LED Head L70 value 100,000 hours for minimal maintenance
  • Two head models up to 500% brighter than competitive conventional units
  • Enclosure Type 4 (NEMA 4) for wet and harsh locations
  • Group B is standard when using EBSHK type heads
  • Automatic Safety Disconnect – Removing main cover disconnects battery power
  • Ambient Suitability 0°C to 45°C Battery Unit Heads to 55°
  • Compact unit requires only two mounting points
  • World Voltage 120-277 VAC 50/60Hz input Other Features
  • High % of lumens maintained during 90 minute egress cycle
  • EBSHK type heads are fully adjustable on unit or remote when ordered with RFSL Factory Sealed mounting kits
  • EBSEL type heads are factory sealed on their EZ type mounting boxes
  • Heads can be remote mounted over 300’ from battery unit
  • Ni-Cad sealed batteries provide 90 minutes of illumination
  • Integral base unit LED pilot light indicates AC power is present
  • Choice of Integral or Remote Push-To-Test station to verify system operation
  • Vapor Capsule to inhibit corrosion is standard with main enclosure unit
  • Terminal Blocks identified for incoming and outgoing connections

The EBS Series Explosion Proof LED Emergency Battery Backup System is designed for egress or anti-panic applications. This fixture is made with a cast copper-free aluminum housing and fixture heads that are powder epoxy powder coat painted for extra corrosion resistance, making them suitable for harsh and hazardous environments.