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Omni Intelligent Occupancy Sensors

The OMNI Ceiling Mount Vacancy/ Occupancy Sensor is designed for medium to large spaces with ceilings up to 12' in height. When a person passes into or out of a sensor zone, the sensor detects motion and switches the lights ON. The lights will remain ON as long as there is an occupant in the room. When the space being monitored by the sensor is unoccupied the unit will switch the lights OFF. For large spaces, up to four sensors can be linked together to control the lighting as a single group. This makes the OMNI sensor ideal for spaces such as cafeterias, classrooms, large bathrooms, offices with cubicles and more.

Omni sensors utilize Smart IntelliDAPT Technology to analyze the controlled area and make digital adjustments to both sensitivity and timing settings for optimal performance, energy savings, and maintenance-free install-and-forget operation.

OMNI Features:

  • Ultrasonic (US) and Passive Infrared (PIR) technologies for unequaled motion detection
  • Smart IntelliDAPT Technology eliminates false triggers
  • 500 - 2,000 square-foot coverage area per sensor (depending on model)
  • Optional relay and photocell control
  • Five year warranty

Product Details