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Occupancy Sensor Accessories

by Hubbell Lighting Components 

Ceiling and Wall Mount Occupancy Sensor Accessories

  • ACAK - Acoustic Ceiling Mounting Kit For ceiling and wall mount sensors used with acoustic ceiling tile. ACAK uses integral cutting teeth for quicker installation. Color: White.
  • HCRA - Hard Ceiling Raceway Adapter For OMNI sensors. The HCRA is compatible with Hubbell and Wiremold raceway. The HCRA has knockout raceway holes for quick and clean installation. Color: White
  • LMRA - LightOWL Mud Ring ADAPTER A LightOWL goof ring for covering oversized holes. Color: White.
  • OPE - OMNI Protective Enclosure The OPE is a NEMA Type 4X enclosure specifically designed for use with OMNIIR ceiling mount occupancy sensor. Designed to provide protection from foreign materials and water, the enclosure is acceptable for use in a variety of environments including applications in the pharmaceutical and food pre-paration industries. Size: 6.5" dia., 2" height. Color: White.
  • WGWS - Wall mount wire guard for wall switches, 6.25"H x 4.0"W x 2.25"D
  • WGLO - Wall mount wire guard for LightOWL sensors, 7.0"H x 5.75"W x 4.5"D
  • WGOMNI _ Ceiling mount guard for OMNI sensors, 7.0"W x 3.25"D (circular guard) Wire guards are heavy-duty coated wire guards for sensors to protect from destructive strikes. Mounting clips are included. Color: White.

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Stocked Items

Catalog Number UPC Product Description
Catalog Number WGLO UPC 640181404015 Product Description WIRE GUARD, FOR (LO) WALL SENSORS Check Inventory
Catalog Number WGWS UPC 640181403964 Product Description WIRE GUARD, FOR (LH) WALL SWITCHES Check Inventory