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Coupler, Aluminum Bolted


Catalog ID: ASTC207

Coupler, Straight, Tube to Cable, Aluminum Bolted, 2 IPS/EHIPS tube to 0.563 - 0.744 cable. COUPLER, AL 2.0 IPS TO .563-.744 IN

  • Hex Stops on the casting allows for one-wrench installation
  • Product Details


    Bolt Installation Torque (Recommended) 300 in-lbs
    EU RoHS Indicator No
    Material Aluminum
    Material - Clamping Hardware Aluminum Alloy
    Type Tube to Cable Couplers
    UPC 096359285571


    Base Hole Spacing 0 in
    Diameter - Clamping Hardware 0.5 in
    Diameter - Rod / Tube 2 in
    Weight 1.470 lb

    Electrical Ratings

    Maximum Current Rating Amps Continuous See Technical Advisor

    Conductor Related

    Conductor Compatibility ACSR-Penguin-4/0-6/1;ACSR-Waxwing-266.8-18/1;ACSR-Partridge-266.8-26/7;ACSR-Ostrich-300-26/7;ACSR-Merlin-336.4-18/1;ACSR-Linnet-336.4-26/7;ACSR-Oriole-336.4-30/7;ACSR-Chickadee-397.5-18/1;ACSR-Brahma-203.2-16/19;AAC-Valerian-250-19;AAC-Laurel-266.8-19;AAC-Tulip-336.1-19;AAC-Daffodil-350-19;AAC-Canna-397.5-19
    Conductor Diameter (Tap) - Maximum 0.744 in
    Conductor Diameter (Tap) - Minimum 0.563 in
    Conductor Type Aluminum Bus