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Uninsulated Splice For 4 AWG

By Burndy 


By Burndy
Catalog ID:  YSV4CLBOX
Uninsulated Splice For 4 AWG.


Features: HYLINK Type YSV-L Seamless Splice Connector Is Used To Splice Type AN Aircraft Cables Plus Commercial Stranded And Solid AWG Conductors, Suitable For Aircraft, Light Duty Industrial And General Purpose Applications, Installation Tool: Ratchet: Y1MRTC, MR4C Tool, HYTOOL: Type AH, Aircraft, Cable - MY28 Tool, All Others: MY29-3, MY29-11 Tool, 1 Crimp, Tools, Die Nest Catalog Number, Die Indentor Catalog Number: HYPRESS: H35, Y35BH, Y39, Y39BH Tool, UV4L Die Nest, Y34PLA Die Indentor, Y35P3 Indentor Adaptor, Conductor Type: Commercial/Aircraft Stranded Copper, Insulation Support: No, Package: Box, Wire Strip Length: 5/8 IN