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Double Type Lever Lift Wire Tong Support

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: M47601W

Lever Lift Wire Tong Supports are employed where working space on the pole is limited, or on H-frame or heavy suspension insulator construction for raising or lowering conductors with wire tongs. As a general practice, the Lever Lift should be used in place of Wire Tong Saddles where loads exceed 500 pounds. To attach a wire tong to the Double Type, remove the wing nuts, slip butt rings of the two wire tongs on the shaft extensions and replace wing nuts. Made of a high strength aluminum alloy, these lever Lifts are light in weight . . . and easy to handle. They provide a total conductor lift of 203/4 inches, and will support any size of wire tong. When two Lever Lifts are required, one at each side of the pole, they can be attached at virtually the same height. Each Lever Lift is equipped with a clevis for attaching rope blocks. The clevis, used at the end of the Lever Lift for attaching the lower rope blocks, will rotate on the same pin that holds the wire tong(s), permitting freedom of movement.

Product Details


Strength Rating - Ultimate 750 lb
Style Double Type Lever Lift
Type Wire Tong
UPC 096359048299


Weight 14.083 lb


Carton Quantity 3