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Adjustable Ladder Hook, 8"

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: H49051

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  H49051
ADJUSTABLE LADDER HOOK, 8", The Adjustable Hook is easily attached in one quick operation. Just position on the Epoxiglas side rail, swing the bolt around and tighten the wing nut. The hook is made of 1" diameter heat-treated, rust-resistant steel and is equipped with a rugged chain and chain snap for a positive lock between the ladder and the support. Hooks are rated at 1,000 lb. per pair. Chance Adjustable Hooks for Epoxiglas ladders are popular with hot line maintenance and construction crews. Adjustable hooks can be used with Epoxiglas Hook Ladders to obtain a more convenient position, or attached to an Epoxiglas Service Ladder for use as a temporary hook ladder. Adjustable Hooks are ideal for suspension use where there are uneven or sloping supports.
  • Meets ASTM F711 and IEC 61478 - Category 2
  • Designed to effectively position linemen for high-voltage maintenance
  • Make line repairs possible, even in inaccessible places
  • Two basic styles of Epoxiglas Hook Ladders are available - Regular Duty Ladders with 2" siderails for vertical suspension applications and Heavy Duty Ladders with 2-1/2" siderails for tagged-out positions
  • Hooks are formed from 1"-diameter tempered steel
  • These hooks can be swiveled to best fit various angles on structure
  • Ladders include 8"-dia. hooks
  • 14"- or 18"-dia. hooks can be ordered for other structure applications
  • Steel chains clip to hooks to assist in securing ladder to support
  • Rung material for both rated ladders are 1-1/4" sand-coated Epoxiglas

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