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Swivel Top 5" Extended Base Chain Gin

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: C4000440

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  C4000440
Same application as Transformer Gin, but the top eye casting can be swiveled to bypass secondary lines when necessary. The cap is not intended to swivel while under load. This gin has identical load ratings to gins above. It has a 48" Epoxiglas® mast and with two wheel tighteners and 36" chain units.
  • 5” extended-base model allows bridge mounting up to 4” x 5” crossarms
  • Wheel tightener and 36” chain are part of each unit
  • Standard and extended-base models feature 2000-lb. maximum ratings, including hand pull force
  • 900-lb. lift load with single hoist line through a pulley on the gin and a sheave near the base of structure (lift load plus pull load equals capacity)
  • Lift load can be 1,400 lbs., using 4-4 blocks
  • Pole length is 26 inches

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Base Type 5" Extended
EU RoHS Indicator No
Style Chain Binder
Swivel Top? Yes