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"H.M." Epoxyglas Bond Kit

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: H1917

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  H1917
The Epoxiglas Bond Patching Kit can be used to repair small surface ruptures on Epoxiglas Hot Sticks, to install new ferrules on Epoxiglas poles, or to assist in replacing rungs on Epoxiglas Ladders. The kit consists of a tube of hardener and a tube of resin that are mixed immediately before repairs are made. A mixing stick is included, that can also be used to place the bond in the area to be repaired. Epoxiglas Bond contains the same orange color as used in Epoxiglas poles. Small surface ruptures can be repaired by removing damaged fibers, cleaning the void with Moisture Eater II cleaner-solvent and then applying Epoxiglas Bond.

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Style Epoxiglas Bond Patching Kit
UPC 096359039471


Weight 0.49 lb