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Versa-Tech® I - WiFi Radio

By Hubbell Power Systems 

Catalog ID: PSC8621125401

By Hubbell Power Systems
Catalog ID:  PSC8621125401
The Versa-Tech® Recloser is a unique and patented design. The interrupter, drive mechanism, control, and housing are raised to the system potential. The entire assembly is then insulated from ground using a standard polymer post insulator. This compact simplified design eliminates the potential for an insulation breakdown failure.Fault interruption occurs in the recloser vacuum interrupter. The vacuum interrupter's state-of-the-art contacts utilize axial magnetic fields to interrupt in diffuse mode for maximum interrupter life. The vacuum interrupter is supported by an insulating support housing with bonded silicone rubber over-molding for maximum weather resistance.The drive for the vacuum interrupter is provided by a mechanism with a magnetic actuator. The actuator's rare earth neodymium magnet provides the latching and holding force for the vacuum interrupter in the closed position. A spring provides the pressure to hold the vacuum interrupter in the open position. Together, the rare-earth magnet and the spring arrangement allow the mechanism to be stable in the open or closed position without the need for external power. To open the vacuum interrupter, a coil on the magnetic actuator is pulsed in one direction. To close, the same coil is pulsed in the other direction. Energy to open and close the recloser is provided by a set of capacitors.The control for the recloser is provided by a microprocessor-based electronic circuit. The control design allows complete flexibility and user-selectable minimum trip, time-current curves (TCC) and sequencing parameters. User access to all parameters is provided through a serial connection or via an on-board radio. Current sensing for the control occurs through a current transformer.No external transformer power for the recloser is required. Power for the control and the mechanism is converted from fault or load current using two power current transformers. The open and close capacitors that drive the recloser are charged by the load or fault cu