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Hookstick Operated Switch, Copper (HH6)

by USCO 

The HH is an outdoor, hookstick operated, air disconnect switch. The HH is constructed primarily of copper and bronze. The hookstick switch is premium quality and a heavy-duty design. An oversize operating ring and 4 to 1 mechanical pry-outs, aids the operator in operating the switch. A positive latch locks the switch in the closed position assuring that it will not open under the most adverse vibration or short circuit conditions.

  • Single phase operation
  • copper live parts
  • Multiple mounting configurations

Product Details


Application The HH is commonly used in substation applications such as transformer disconnecting, breaker isolating and bypassing as well as tandem transfer duty. Versatile designs offer many application solutions.
Type Hookstick

Electrical Ratings

  • 350 kV
  • 250 kV
  • 150 kV
  • 110 kV
  • 95 kV
Current Rating
  • 600 A
  • 1200 A
  • 2000 A
  • 3000 A
  • 4000 A
Voltage Rating 8.3 - 72.5 V