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Par Raco 

ID catalogue : 4PRAC

Par Raco
ID catalogue :  4PRAC
Fixed Position Box Mounting Brackets, 12-Cable Supports
  • Face mount stud bracket allows bracket/box to directly mount to any type of stud - metal (open or closed sides) or wood
  • Supports up to 4 square boxes and mudrings
  • Integrated top cable support manages cables entering assembly per current NEC requirements
  • Easy to use, integrated locking tabs hold cable securely in place - simply snap cable in, no additional hardware required
  • 12 built-in cable holders - accepts cable ranges 12-2 MC to 10-4 MC
  • Stud bracket features centering hole for easy locating of bracket to correct height from center of device to floor
  • Unique box locking tab secures box to bracket for transporting to job site. Tab design allows mudring to be removed from box without disengaging from
  • Built-in, flip-out far side supports will accommodate either 2-1/2 in., 3-1/2 in., or 3-5/8 in. stud depths. For 5-1/2 in. or 6 in., simply break out included far extensions and add to flip-out support with screw
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Matériau Steel
Type Mounting Bracket
UPC 050169970072


Dimensions 24.375 in x 1.219 in x 8.188 in
Hauteur 8.188 in
Largeur 1.219 in
Longueur 24.375 in
Poids 1.485 lb

Certifications et conformité

Enregistré pour certification UL Listed


Nombre de paquets minimum 10
Nombre d’unités sur la palette 480
Quantité dans l’emballage 10



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