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LED Designer Post Luminaire - PCAD

Par Progress Lighting 
Par Progress Lighting
The decorative pendant mount luminaire is pendant mounted in place with stainless steel bolts. The driver is located in the cast aluminum top housing and is accessible without tools by hinging the lower shade assembly. The lower shade assembly is a one-piece aluminum spinning.One piece optical system with internal brass standoffs soldered to the board which can be field replaced. Two-piece die cut silicone and polycarbonate foam gasket ensures weather-proof seal around each individual LED and allows luminaire to be rated for high-pressure hose down applications. The optical cartridge is secured to the aluminum heat sink with fasteners to ensure thermal conductivity. Optics held into place without use of adhesives and complete assembly is gasketed for high pressure hose down cleaning.Luminaire equipped with LED driver that operates with 120-277V universal voltage, 50/60Hz and includes 0-10V dimming capability. Power factor is 0.92 at full load. All electrical components rated at 50,000 hours at full load and 40°C ambient conditions. Thermal feedback between PCB and driver to protect luminaire from excessive temperature by reducing drive current as necessary. Surge protection standard with device providing surge current rating of 20KA using 8/20 pSec wave, LSP clamping voltage of 825V and surge rating of 540J.Polyester powder paint finish that is corrosion resistant and resists surface impacts up to 160 inch-pound.
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