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Nylon Washers

Par Hawke 
Par Hawke
High quality Nylon washers designed to maintain ingress protection ratings at the joint between enclosure and fitting/gland. Designed for use with cable gland entries, and also suitable for use with stopping plugs, adaptors and other accessories. Tested and listed on the Hawke ATEX/IECEx approved cable gland range.
  • Suitable for use on hazardous area cable gland entry threads
  • Maintain ingress protection rating of the enclosure
  • Retaining pips make washer captive on metric cable gland entry thread (M20-M75)
  • Sealing washer for other thread sizes available on request
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Matériau High Performance Engineering Nylon
Plage de température de fonctionnement (°C) -60°C to +130 °C
Protection d’infiltrations Tested to meet IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69 to IEC/EN 60529
Série Cable Gland Accessories