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PowerHUBB™ Nodes

Par Hubbell Control Solutions 

Nom de la collection :  PowerHUBB

Par Hubbell Control Solutions
Nom de la collection :  PowerHUBB
The Hubbell Control Solutions' (HCS) PowerHUBB nodes provide power distribution architecture and data connectivity to create a fully functioning Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting control system. The PowerHUBB nodes implement a simplistic solution to controls by replacing the driver component and distributing direct control to the luminaire, achieving optimized power consumption.Programming is performed using the Gateway software, which communicates bi-directionally over a CAT5e/6 Cable that connects directly to the PowerHUBB node. Master Nodes receive data and power from the PoE network switch. These nodes then pass along the power and data downstream to any daisy-chained Satellite node(s). Connected nodes/luminaires are automatically discovered by the Gateway, expediting commissioning and administering immediate feedback. Each Master node is DHCP-enabled and will automatically receive an IP address from the local network to simplify installation and setup.
  • Replaces standard electronic AC driver in luminaire
  • Programmed for optimized performance of LED
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Nodes immediately discovered by Gateway software
  • Provides dimming function down to 1%
  • Direct connection to PSE device (PoE switch or midspan)
  • DHCP-enabled
  • Suitable for indoor applications
  • Class 2 electrical device
  • Plenum Rated
  • UL924 listed node (-EM)
  • Made in the USA