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By Hubbell Control Solutions 
By Hubbell Control Solutions
The ESP-125 is a traditional 120V control that incorporates a current sensing circuit that automatically lights a quartz lamp when the main HID lamp is extinguished.
  • For use with HPS or Metal Halide (probe-start or pulse start) magnetic ballasts with a 120V tap or input
  • 50/60 Hz Operation
  • Compact and simple to wire
  • Measures the current drawn by the HID circuit rather than voltage across the circuit allowing use with virtually any type of lamp or ballast circuit
  • Operates on HID circuits from 39-1500 watts
  • Operates auxiliary lamps up to 500W
  • Non-arcing switches allow the ESP-125 to be used in Class 1, Division II vapor tight fixtures
  • Can be wired directly to emergency generator power
  • High temperature, flameproof plastic enclosure, 105C maximum surface temp rating
  • Patent Pending

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Product Details


OEM Brand Name Hubbell Lighting Components
Series ESP
Type HID Restrike Controls

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