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Manage, Monitor and Measure Outdoor Lighting Wirelessly

Using the Manage, Monitor and Measure concepts, the wiSCAPE® wireless outdoor lighting control system builds on the energy and maintenance savings of an LED lighting installation by reducing money wasted on “lights out” calls, maintenance crew sweeps,
as well as control strategies that exceed today’s code requirements.


Versatile Operation with Peace of Mind

wiSCAPE’s enterprise software suite offers real-time asset management using customizable maps and dashboard-driven pages, to get immediate visual confirmation of safe operation status, energy savings, and peak efficiency.

Unparalleled Scalability and Flexibility

wiSCAPE provides the ability to monitor, manage, and meter a vast number of lighting assets creating an optimized, resilient lighting infrastructure.

Invaluable Insights

Data generated by wiSCAPE’s advanced energy management tools, utility-grade metering and 24/7 diagnostic reporting with configurable alert notifications, can be used to improve the bottom line by managing key lighting control strategies.

Open Connectivity

wiSCAPE uses a highly secure wireless network to ensure critical data is locked down. The software can be reliably integrated with 3rd party systems to combine technologies when needed.

wiSCAPE Express and Enterprise Software

Managing site lighting operations is easier with the wiSCAPE Express and Enterprise lighting control and management software. Using map, satellite or imported site plans, users can gather crucial operating status and energy usage data. Projects of any size can be configured and managed using the wiSCAPE Express software. Large and multi-site properties will also benefit from the comprehensive reporting and energy dashboard tool in the wiSCAPE Enterprise suite.

Take Control of the Outdoors, Enhance Safety and Improve Operational Efficiencies

wiSCAPE™ provides a seamless, code compliant lighting control solution using wireless technology. Wireless modules control the luminaires and communicate over the air to a wiSCAPE Gateway. The wiSCAPE Gateways monitor the health of the modules and retrieve metering information. The wiSCAPE Enterprise Server retrieves information from the Gateways over a standard Ethernet/Cellular network and presents
that information in a customized dashboard.

wiSCAPE Enabled Luminaires

wiSCAPE®-enabled luminaires provide you the breadth and flexibility to address all your project requirements today and in the future.

View a complete list of available luminaires.

Product Details


Controls - Applications
  • Industrial - Parking, Building, Signage
  • Commercial - Parking, Building, Signage
  • Commercial - Parking Structure
  • Automotive - Parking, Building, Signage
Environmental Conditions Outdoor
Mounting Type
  • High Mount
  • Low Mount
Project Type
  • Retrofit
  • New Construction
Space Planning Multi Space Networked
  • Networked
  • Motion Sensing
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Wireless
  • Dimming
Type Controls

Certifications and Compliance

DLC Designation DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see www.designlights.org