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About Us

Hubbell Control Solutions (HCS) headquartered in Austin, Texas is a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated (A Delaware Company) an established leader in the electrical industry. Hubbell Control Solutions is a strong proponent of innovative, integrated and simple energy saving lighting controls.

In 1888 Harvey Hubbell, founder of Hubbell Incorporated, invented what could arguably be called the world's first lighting control device, the pull chain switch. Some 100+ years later, HCS continues this tradition of innovation with the development of networked lighting controls that not only save energy but also integrate with other building disciplines such as HVAC, Security as well as others.

Industry Leading Technology - Proven Quality

From the introduction of the industry's first self-adaptive occupancy sensor to the introduction of the LX series of networked lighting control products, HCS sets the standard for all others to follow in the application of technology to the business of energy saving lighting controls.

Innovative, Integrated and Simple

The LX Series provides the ultimate in harmony of technology and simplicity. Capable functional lighting control systems don't have to be difficult to use or install. With a Touch Tablet Graphical User Interface and Powered, Topology Free, Polarity Insensitive, 2-wire communication, what could be simpler? As lighting control systems and devices have evolved, their capabilities and functionality have grown immensely. Unfortunately the interfaces currently used today to gain access to these same features and functions have not progressed in the same manner. The LX Series overcomes these limitations through the use of a graphical touch screen interface.

Occupancy Sensors

HCS has long been the innovator in occupancy sensing technologies with the invention of both leakage to ground and self adaptive sensor technologies. HCS continues to lead the way in occupancy sensor design. Today HCS produces the most comprehensive line of occupancy sensor products on the market bar none. With Infrared, Ultrasonic and Dual Tech sensors HCS has a product for virtually any application.

Daylighting Controls

HCS produces a full line of daylight harvesting products for indoor, outdoor and atrium applications.

High Bay Controls

Hubbell Control Solutions offers the industry's most capable and reliable High Bay lighting controls available for both HID and Fluorescent lighting applications.