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Station Class Arresters ZYP 75 kV

By Delmar 

Catalog ID: ZYP7510

By Delmar
Catalog ID:  ZYP7510
The class II polymer substation arresters model ZYP are designed to protect equipment against surges in substations. Manufactured with metal oxide varistors, without series gaps and UV resistant silicone rubber housing. Arresters are supplied with tripod base for structure mounting. Assembled and tested in accordance to ABNT / ANSI / IEC standards.
  • Available in the rating of 9kV to 144kV - 10kA
  • Discharge current 10kA
  • Energy capability 5,1kJ/kV
  • Rated short circuit 40kA
  • 2 hole NEMA line terminal
  • Grounding connector for cable 10 to 120mm2
  • Name plate in stainless steel
  • Corona ring for 120kV and 144kV voltage arresters
  • Available mounting option on pole at bracket “L” for 9kV to 42kV voltages

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Product Details


Residual Voltage (1 μ (max.)) 210
Residual Voltage (8 x 20μ (max.)) 220


Height 908 mm

Electrical Ratings

Creep and Leakage Distance 2200 mm
Operating Voltage 58000 VAC
Voltage Rating 75 kV

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