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About Hubbell India

Hubbell India is a part of Hubbell Incorporated, headquatered in USA. We are Hubbell India, an International manufacturer in quality electrical and electronic products for a broad range of non-residential and residential, construction, industrial and utility applications and markets.In today’s era of globalization, India has turned out to be a promising emerging market for Electrical Products. The ever demanding Electrical Market is showing bright prospects for electrical products in all the key strategic Markets of India in which Hubbell has been a leader for than 100 years now.

The rising aspirations of India and its people can be met only if Indian economy continues to grow at a fast and sustained pace. For this to happen, it is vital that India’s power sector continues to progress and rapidly grow. The Indian electrical equipment industry must, therefore, increase its preparedness and enhance its competitiveness to meet the current and future demands of all our Industrial sectors. This is where Hubbell can play a major role in making sure these demands are met adequately with its wide variety of brands covering across different segments of Our Indian IndustrialMarket. The next 10 years will be crucial for the Indian electrical products Industry as it gears up to meet the rapidly rising domestic demand and also establish its presence as an important player in the global electrical equipment arena. Hubbell India’s sole vision is to convert this opportunity into a reality which is also the core of Hubbell’s Strategic Objectives.