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About Us

No One Knows How To Light Critical Work Areas Better.

Since Harvey Hubbell's invention of the electrical wall plug and socket over 100 years ago, Hubbell has been engineering tough, hardworking products designed for the real world. Products ready to survive in high temperatures, wet and dirty environments, and where a variety of lighting requirements exist, from general warehousing to assembling small, precise electrical components.

Building on this expertise, Hubbell Lighting has pioneered many innovations in lighting optics and ballast/lamp systems designed to save your operation both energy and maintenance dollars over the life of their operation. For over 40 years, our industrial luminaires have lit vast warehouses, complex machinery, large mass merchandisers, and a wide range of process and assembly industries.

What Makes An Industrial Workplace Different

Lighting the "Industrial" environment is not always an easy task. Because of a wide variety of operations and tasks, the specifier must consider many elements which work to impact the amount of light reaching a work surface as well as its quality.

Additionally, in the overall cost of the system are maintenance/service issues which are determined by choice of ballast, optic, lamp, and the impact of temperature, accumulative dirt and moisture levels within your workplace environment.

So, with upwards of 25 possible items to consider, from mounting height to IES lumen standards, yes, it can sometimes be a complex assignment. However, by looking at the task, quality and quantity of light, and expectations on maintenance costs, the process of system selection can be streamlined.

Critical items can be gathered into three areas: quality, quantity and life cycle costs of your system which includes energy and maintenance/operation issues.

Patented Expertise.

Hubbell holds over 30 important patents that let you increase workplace efficiency and lower your maintenance costs.