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Cold Storage Lighting Solutions

Save energy, improve productivity and increase sustainability in your cold storage facility

Cold storage environments provide numerous challenges relative to lighting and energy efficiency. Hubbell Lighting is well equipped to address these challenges with a complete line of lighting solutions for cold storage environments. Upgrading old lighting fixtures to Hubbell Lighting’s newest energy saving technology allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower operating and energy costs utilizing the latest LED, fluorescent, and E-HID products
  • Improved employee efficiency, accuracy and morale by providing the right quality and quantity of light
  • Reduced maintenance costs and fewer downtime incidents with long life sources
  • Thermal load reductions and chiller maintenance savings

Many fixtures made in the U.S.A.

Cold Storage Lighting Solutions Brochure

Case Study

Hubbell Industrial KOOLBAY® LED luminaires were installed to replace aging less efficient metal halide fixtures. The KOOLBAY’s provided exceptional results not only in lighting the area but with excellent energy savings. The unique LED system coupled with closed optics offer a perfect combination in solving cold storage lighting challenges where temperatures average 0° F (-18°C).

Notes: The ‘after photos’ have zero photoshop manipulation, no levels, brightness, or color correction. From my view your company makes a great product! – Lynn Howlett, Photographer

Link to Case Study