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Choices: Electronic HID Lighting Solutions

Hubbell Industrial Lighting is pleased to introduce the Choices Electronic HID Lighting Solutions. When it comes to lighting large interior spaces, many factors need to be considered. Hubbell Industrial Lighting has conducted thorough research to provide a better understanding of the right lighting technology for your lighting needs. Choices Electronic HID Lighting Solutions is your guide to energy savings, maintenance benefits and application advantages of Electronic HID lighting. Compare the Choices and make the optimal decision for all large-space applications. You won't be disappointed!

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Choices Electronic HID Lighting Solutions Brochure

Complete guide to Electronic HID Lighting and the solutions it provides

Fluorescent/HID application performance comparison

Compare fluorescent highbay to HID Electronic highbay in 34 categories

Choices article

Understand the correct technology for lighting large interior spaces

Hubbell Industrial EL Series catalog

Up-to-date features, information and ordering nomenclature for all El Series products

Hubbell Industrial EL Series specification sheets (all)

Specifications, ordering nomenclature and dimensions for all EL Series products

E-HID ECOBAY Trifold Brochure

Designed for “one-for-one” replacement of 400w MH fixtures, the 200w E-HID ECOBAY™ is the most advanced Electronic HID technology available, produces over 100 lumens per watt.