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Hyper-accurate real-time
indoor location services and
spatial analytics

GPS for Indoor Applications:

Large facilities such as retail stores, hospitals, airports, event venues and other complex environments can feel unfamiliar and become disorienting to occupants. This often leads to occupants being unable to easily orient themselves within a facility and navigate to a specific point of interest. Hubbell’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS) makes hyper-accurate real-time location possible in indoor commercial and industrial applications by utilizing specialized technology seamlessly embedded into luminaires provided by Hubbell and 3rd party partners.


Hubbell’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS) utilizes luminaires equipped with Encoded Light technology, also known as Visible Light Communication (VLC), and Bluetooth® technology which enable precise real-time location based services, advanced mapping and wayfinding for building occupants, as well as spatial analytics for venue owners.


Indoor Positioning

  • Luminaires equipped with encoded light or Bluetooth® technology transmit signals over high-frequency modulated visible light (VLC) or radio waves to an occupant's smart phone
  • An IPS-enabled app decodes signals and locates the occupant at their precise position on a venue specific map


  • Routes users from their current position
  • Capable of handling the unique needs associated with accessibility requirements
  • Accommodates nuances of indoor routes, handling floor changes, stairs, escalators, ramps and elevators

Venue Specific Search

  • Tailored to each venue, and features predictive auto-complete search and optimized search priorities
  • Provides results ranked based on proximity to either the user's location or based on the portion of the map that is in view

Mapping as a Service

  • Flexible and advanced indoor mapping platform designed to scale from single building to thousands of venues each with customized styles
  • Support for locations of products, services, places or any other type of object or data on venue map

Spatial Analysis

  • A sophisticated Location Analytics platform provides retailers with location-aware insights into departments, service areas, product and brand locations, and more
  • Analytics capture time and location parameters for collectible data points
  • Location, Region and Enterprise Statistics
  • Map anchors every product, deal and shopper location and the location of all in-store activity


Multiple Technologies

Hubbell IPS utilizes a combination of encoded light (VLC) and Bluetooth® technology embedded in commercial luminaires, as well as core location technology (gyroscopes, accelerometers, GPS, etc.) commonly found in smart phones, to accurately locate occupants within indoor environments.

Encoded Light

A unique fixture ID is encoded in the light emitted from the luminaire. The front facing camera detects high-frequency (invisible) changes in the luminaire light output and transfers this information to the user’s venue application.

The Choice Is Yours

Venue owners can select between Encoded Light, Bluetooth® or a hybrid solution (Encoded Light & Bluetooth) to meet varying requirements across a single or multiple venue applications.

User Interaction

Users interact with IPS technology through an IPS-enabled, venue specific application on an Internet connected mobile device that depicts a user’s indoor position on a map. Applications using IPS use specially designed algorithms and embedded technologies to determine a user’s precise location within indoor environments.

Bluetooth® Radio

The embedded Bluetooth® radio detects wireless transmissions emitted by the luminaire-embedded or standalone device. A smart phone's Bluetooth® radio detects wireless transmissions emitted by the luminaire-embedded device and transfers this information to the user’s venue application.


Physical Infrastructure

Luminaires are equipped with coded light injectors and/or Bluetooth Beacons

Cloud Infrastructure

The position of luminaires is stored in a cloud-based location database

Indoor Positioning Service

Nearby luminaire identification is decoded by phone camera or Bluetooth radio and real-time position and orientation is retrieved

Mapping Service

Customer heading and profile, store merchandise and points-of-interests (POI) are integrated to virtual store/venue environment

Analytics Services

User, site and enterprise statistics and reporting is provided to venue owner or operator

Site Virtualization
Single User Statistics
Merchandise & POI Integration
Merchandise & POI Affinity Analysis