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Hubbell Knows Automotive Dealerships

Evaluating a new dealership site at the early design stage ensures the lighting layout will highlight the beauty of the automobile in every area from the reception and service area to the front row inventory. Our lighting professionals can assist by providing a complete lighting analysis and luminaire layout to ensure a dealership is warm, inviting and secure.

Ferman Case Study

For automotive dealerships, the front row is one of the most critical selling areas, and the approach to a new lighting solution required strategic thought. Read more to see how Hubbell Lighting provided solutions.

Chevy Case Study

At 30-acres, Karl Chevrolet is one of the largest single-line Chevrolet dealerships in the United States. See how Hubbell Lighting is cutting an estimated 74 percent of energy use at the facility.

Featured Applications

  • Automotive_Outdoor-Area
    Outdoor Area
  • Automotive_Parking
  • Service Bays
    Service Bays
  • Automotive_Service-Lane
    Service Lanes
  • Showroom